Artemis emergency & trauma centre

April 6, 2017

We are open for 24 Hours.

When every second counts, count on us,

Call: +91-9370586696

Artemis Emergency and Trauma Centre are open for 24 hours. Our services are a 24×7, full-service, state of the art facility which offers the comprehensive emergency and trauma care. We believe in providing “Life Saving Care, Tailored to Patient Needs” which is scientifically developed, protocol-driven emergency service.

Our services with several unique and innovative features include:

  • A dedicated and easy to remember the emergency access number: +91-9370586696
  • Round the Clock Ambulance Service provides state of the art ambulances equipped with advanced life support equipment manned by the trained personnel. We provide timely and quality pre-hospital emergency are for the critically ill and injured patients.
  • Latest monitoring and imaging equipment
  • State of the art blood bank operation 24×7
  • Highly trained and experienced emergency physicians available 24 hours a day
  • Air ambulance services for remote areas and life threatening emergencies. The latter is a yet another facet of the Emergency Services and is manned by staff specially trained in Flight Physiology, Critical Care Medicine and Advance Cardiac Life Support.
  • Effective communication system between the central control room, ambulances and the emergency facilities in the hospital

We Provide The Following Comprehensive Services:

  • Stroke Center
  • Level 1 Trauma Care
  • Advanced Cardiac Care
  • Mother and Child Care

Air Ambulance

What is an Air Ambulance?

  • Air Ambulance services are used in cases such as remote areas where there is no ground accessibility or where the transport by ground ambulance could endanger the life of a patient.
  • It provides the state of the advanced life support equipment on-board its aircraft.
  • It is yet another facet of the Emergency Services manned by staff specialty trained in Flight Physiology, Critical Care Medicine and Advance Cardiac Life Support. These services can cover many places in India due to more than 400 airfields with majority of them having the night landing facilities.

Role of Air Ambulance

We offer medical help to the patients during air evacuation which falls into three categories:

  • Basic life support services include transportation of stable patients with no serious emergency conditions and are not critically ill and for whom no major in-flight stabilisation is required and anticipated.
  • Specialized life support services such as needing specialist doctors on board, highly sophisticated medical equipments such as the portable infant transportation systems, aortic balloon pump, etc.
  • Advanced life support services including basic life support services, cardio pulmonary resuscitation such as defibrillation, cardiac monitoring, trauma care and other life support measures which as provision of monitoring blood pressures and temperature, continuous oxygen supply, IV and central lines, etc.


  • To reach an emergency victim in the least time possible
  • To offer safe and smooth, bedside to bedside, air ambulance transfer


  • Air Evacuation to Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Air Evacuation to Other Hospitals/ Countries
  • Air Escort to and from AHI to Other Hospitals/ Countries

Medical Team Composition

The medical team consists of doctors (ER Physicians/ Specialist Department/ Anaesthesia) and nurses.

Team of Specialists

  • Dr. (Col) Suvasish Chakraberty- Director
  • Dr. Ellora Nanda- Sr. Consultant
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh- Sr. Consultant

Dr. Anjana Kharbanda

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