International Patients

The Global Hospitals is with you in your journey to better health. Global Hospitals is an Indian Healthcare brand that has revolutionized the patient care and patient experiences in the country with advanced treatment, unparalleled commitment to clinical excellence and state of the art infrastructure. We have pioneered many path-breaking procedures and offered a new lease of life to people from India and abroad.

Connect with our International Patient Relations for understanding how we bring you closer to personalized, coordinated healthcare and world renowned medical solutions.

What We Stand For?

  1. Clinical Excellence

To deliver the best of clinical care is our sacred responsibility to each of our patient, and thus it is a way of life at Global Hospitals.


  1. Technological Advancements

Modern technology plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives and at Global Hospitals we seek to harness this technology to improve healthcare.


  1. Pioneering Treatments

Going the extra mile and in the direction no one has to find a cure for our patients since this is fundamental to the functioning of Global Hospitals.


  1. Dedicated Staff

The staff at Global Hospitals is trained and ingrained to deliver the best of clinical intervention and remain steadfast in their duties at all times.

  1. Patient Experience

To deliver a delightful patient experience is the heart of our efforts. We strive for our patients and caregivers to leave our premises happy and satisfied.


  1. Transparency and Ethics

We are completely transparent with our patients to avoid any uncomfortable surprises. We uphold the highest standards of medical ethics are our priority.

Our Credibility

  • 18 years of clinical excellence
  • 5,000 transplant surgeries undertaken
  • 2,000 bed capabilities
  • 10,000 patients treated annually


  1. What kind of assistance does Global Hospitals offer to overseas patients?

Global Hospitals offer end-to-end patient care services for the international patients. Right from the time of establishing contact with the hospital, our dedicated staff members will remain in touch with you. They will help to secure visas, assisting with travel and stay arrangements and appointments in India.


  1. Does Global Hospitals receive and treat a lot of overseas patients?

Yes, on a yearly basis we receive hundreds of overseas patients seeking advanced medical treatments for various disorders. Primarily, our international patients come from Africa, Middle-East, South Asia, Europe and the US.


  1. Does Global Hospitals conduct any special clinics in overseas locations?

Yes, we conduct several International Outreach Clinics during the course of a year to connect with patients in their respective cities. These clinics provide expert consultation at your proximate location.


  1. What are the ways to connect with doctors at Global Hospitals?

We allow the patients to get in touch with our doctors via telemedicine and video conferences. Patients can send in their queries and reports via email and seek for a video consultation as well.

Why Choose Us?

Clinical Excellence & Excellent Patient Experience

The commitment of Global Hospitals to patients from across the globe offers unparalleled clinical excellence and patient experience to our international patients. Our hospitals are strategically located across major Indian cities with great connectivity and centralized locations offering the international patients with ease of travel, stay and the best treatments at a relatively economical price. We are steadfastly committed to create a positive experience for patients from across the globe and provide them with quality and timely medical care.


At Global Hospitals we strive to create a unique environment of courteous staff, excellent facilities and pioneering medical procedures. With the help of extensive research resources, cutting-edge technologies and best in the world treatment options, Global Hospitals is the healthcare destination of choice for many international patients coming to India.


  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Clinical experience
  • Quality standards
  • Personalised care
  • Unparalleled patient experience
  • With you in your journey to better health

Forging Worldwide Partnerships for our Worldwide Patients

We work with various international governments, NGOs, agencies, private bodies to bring the best of healthcare a little closer to you. Global Hospitals India partners with various governmental and non-governmental bodies bringing you the advanced patient-care and clinical interventions. These partnerships help you find us better and improve credibility as well as help us reach out far and wide.


Our tie-ups with health ministries, corporate houses, insurance partners and other NGOs ensure that you have access to the most advanced medical care.


  • Health ministry tie-ups

Global Hospitals India works in partnerships with the above governmental bodies and ministries in various countries to bring affordable, advanced and quality medical care to our patients from across the globe. Personalized care= Global impact.


  • Alliances

We have strategic partnerships and alliances with medical entities. We offer specialized and interdisciplinary care to meet every patient’s health needs through our alliance networks.


  • Insurance partners

Global Hospitals India works in partnerships with the above insurance partners to help cover for the treatment expenses. Our tie-ups with all the leading international insurance providers allow our patients who wish to have their treatment covered by their own insurance providers from their home country an easy and hassle-free settlement process.

Plan Your Travel

The Global Hospital provides end to end patient care services for the international patients who visit any Global Hospital facilities in India. Our dedicated staff members with stay in touch with you and help to secure visas, appointments, assist with travel and stay arrangements in India.


  • Guidelines for a Medical Tourist
  • Visa & Travel Arrangements
  • Embassy Information
  • Patient Relations
  • Accommodation & Facilities

For an Exceptional Patient-Experience

At Global Hospitals, we deliver the best of patient-care experience. We have been widely accredited by several leading agencies worldwide as a center of excellence. It is proof of our tireless efforts to make the hospitals clinically advanced, more patient-friendly and infrastructural wise superior.  We trust that patients have certain expected responsibilities and undeniable rights to access an environment of privacy, the highest standards of clinical care and cleanliness.


  • Nationally Accredited Laboratories           
  • International Quality Standards     
  • Infection Control      
  • Personal Rights        
  • Blood Safety 
  • Patient Responsibilities