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Truncus Arteriosus Overview:

Truncus Arteriosus in India is the rarest form of heart defect that is present at birth. If your baby has Truncus Arteriosus, it means that one large blood vessel leads out of the heart. Normally there are two blood vessels separately coming out of the heart. If untreated, this deformity can pave way to serious complications.
Signs & Symptoms of Truncus Arteriosus

The symptoms associated with Truncus Arteriosus develop in the first few days of life. Truncus Arteriosus Surgery in India Reviews of surgeons include that the common symptoms include

  • Blue coloring of the skin
  • Excessive sleeplessness or poor growth
  • Shortness of breath or rapid breathing

Free Consultation Truncus Arteriosus Surgery in India would not be a bad idea at all of the baby witnesses worsening of the blue color of the skin, any form of loss of consciousness.

Check out the Patient Testimonial, where the patient shares about their success stories from treatments through India Cardiac Surgery Consultants.

Hi, my name is Rose Okoye from Nigeria, we came to India for my daughter, Patricia’s truncus arteriosus surgery with the help of India Cardiac Surgery Consultants. We opted for a free consultation by filling up their form. We received a call from them with 48 hours and the executive asked us for her medical reports. We send them the reports and received few expert opinions after which we decided to fly down to India for her surgery. An official welcomed us at the airport and took us to the hospital. The surgeon was very friendly, compassionate and cleared all my doubts. The nurses were amazing and caring. The surgery went well. I was impressed with the services and their dedicated efforts for treating my child’s heart condition. It has been an a wonderful experience visiting India for getting the surgery at such an affordable price.

Diagnosis of Truncus Arteriosus

When the baby is born, the height, weight and head circumference of the baby is recorded and these measurements were taken at regular intervals in consultation with the doctor. The doctor may also listen to the lungs of the baby to check out the possibility of fluid in the lungs. The doctor may also prescribe a series of tests in the form of echocardiogram, (which shows the structure and function of the heart of the baby) along with X ray (it uses radiation to produce still images of the internal organs along with structures)

Treatments of Truncus Arteriosus

For infants Truncus Arteriosus Surgery in India is the only option. Multiple surgeries or procedures may be needed and medication may be given to improve the condition of the heart. For most infants, surgery is needed a couple of weeks after the infant is born. The exact procedure will depend on the severity of the condition

Results of Treatment

After the surgery is undertaken, the child will need regular follow up, with a cardiologist to monitor his or her condition of the heart. They may also ask to limit the physical activity of the child.
Adult and Adolescent Management

Caring for a baby affected by this deformity possesses a significant challenge of sorts. Here are some strategies that may make things a tinge easier for you

  • Seek support- look for support from your near and dear ones.
  • Note down the health history of the patient and it would be of immense help if you can include a copy of the operative report from the child’s surgeon in your records.
Why choose an Indian Hospital for Truncus Arteriosus Surgery?

Affordable Truncus Arteriosus Surgery in India ensures that you can save considerably on the cost part without comprimisng on the quality aspect if you get the surgery done in this part of the world. Since the surgery is a tinge complex, the expert and able guidance of a surgeon is very important and the hospitals in India have some of the best in the business.
Truncus Arteriosus Surgery Cost in India
Low cost Truncus Arteriosus Surgery in India does not mean compromising on the quality part. The reason for low cost are because of the lower operating costs along with the low exchange rates prevalent in this part of the world.

    • How do I make an appointment with the best cardiologist in India?
      • All you have to do is send us your medical report and be rest assured. We will choose the best suitable surgeon for you, after consulting the experts.


    • What causes truncus arteriosus?
      • The causes of heart defects such as truncus arteriosus among most babies are not known.


    • Why does my baby look blue?
      • Children with truncus arteriosus may have a bluish looking skin because of a condition called cyanosis. This condition occurs when their blood does not carry enough oxygen.


    • Will my child need multiple surgeries?
      • Maybe. With corrective surgery, your child will feel better, but they may need additional procedures as they get older. For example, the artificial tube used to separate the connected arteries does not grow with your child and may need to be replaced.


    • Will my child be able to live a normal life?
      • Yes. However, he or she will need lifelong care from a cardiologist who specializes in congenital heart defects. Even with successful treatment, your child may be at risk for an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) or leaky heart valves later in life. Offering the full spectrum of heart care Children’s Health provides specialized care and treatments for adults of all ages. Learn more about our adult congenital heart disease program.


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