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Are you still confounded about planning your heart surgery in India? If yes, then India cardiac Surgery Site can aid you in planning your medical visit to India. India cardiac Surgery Site is a trailblazer in medical tourism of India. We at India cardiac Surgery Site completely understand the needs of thepatient and the care-givers and hence, we plan your medical visit to India with complete transparency and make certain that you have a hassle free, cost effective and best-in-class healthcare experience during your medical visit to India. India cardiac Surgery Site provides you the latest information about the various cardiac surgeries available in India assist you in making choices and guide you through and through your medical visit to India.

India cardiac Surgery Site works in collaboration with the leading hospitals across India committed in delivering cutting- edge health care services. India cardiac Surgery Site works with ethical principle, commitment and honesty in providing you high standard health care services in all domains of medicine, particularly cardiac surgery and pediatric cardiac surgery.Our associate heart hospitals in India are present in all the major cities and metropolitan cities of India. These hospitals have an affluent infrastructure with latest technologies and heart care facilities; these hospitals have a vast medical talent consisting of highly dedicated team of health care professionals which is lead by the best cardiac surgeons of India. Our fellow hospitals offers all the genera of cardiac surgeries like: angioplasty, CABG, heart transplants, reparative surgery for congenital heart defects, pacemaker implantation and pediatric heart surgery etc. We truly identify with the dilemma of the patients, hence we provide our patients highly skilled, patient centric and experienced medical professionals who treat the patients with great compassion and care. The up-to-the-minute diagnostic and cardiac care facilities of these hospitals enable the cardiac surgeons to perform the most intricate cardiac surgery with an ease. The proactive team of doctors, nursing staff, para medical staff and rehabilitation staff of our associate hospitals steer patients through their cardiac surgery and help them to recur pate well.

India cardiac Surgery Site is renowned for providing comprehensive and best quality medical services for the medical tourists of India. We work for our client’s satisfaction, hence we are always happy to clear your all queries and doubts regarding your medical visit to India.Our quick responsive patient service team take care of each and every need of our client. Our team assist you throughly in your medical visit to India that includes; medical visa, medical facilities at airport, airport transfers, hospital bookings, scheduling appointment with the best cardiac surgeons,foreign language assistance, rehabilitation services, post surgery recreational activities like yoga, spas etc., hotel or service apartment booking for care givers. We also assist patient and their care givers in planning a vacation in India. Our services offers you a great package of quality health care facilities and vacation in India.India cardiac Surgery Site provided you all these services at a very reasonable cost, which helps you to save a large amount of money after surgery.Our motto is to deliver high quality health care facilities with warmth and empathy to our clients and to ensure our clients mental and physical well-being.

Ms. Pauline Wanjiku, from Kenya visited India for cardiac surgery. She says” lack of supremacy in treatment in Kenya made her travel far to India to accomplish a cost effective and successful cardiac surgery saving her life. was with her at every single step of treatment in Nagpur, India. The services offered by the hospital team and medical tourism company were excellent. From start to finish it was all set. My decision to travel India for cardiac surgery was satisfactory. They delivered me high ended services at best hospital in the hands of top surgeon practicing surgery eminently. I thank every member of my medical tour who supported me.

Ms. Pauline Wanjiku from Kenya
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