Top Cardiac Surgeons in India setting new benchmarks of surgical success

How often do we hear about people around us suffering from a heart disease? Heart diseases or also known as Cardiac diseases are nothing uncommon these days. According to World Health Organization (WHO), Cardiovascular Diseases are the leading killer diseases across the world. This shows what kind of impact these diseases have and therefore, medical… Read More »

Special Surgery Cost Benefits to Global Patients for Pacemaker Implantation Surgery

Introduction An electrically-charged medical device IS a pacemaker. This is used to manage irregular heart-beats; your surgeon implants this device under your skin to control arrhythmias.Modern pacemakers have two parts. One part, called the pulse generator, it contains the battery and the electronics that control your heartbeat. The other part is one or more that… Read More »

Special Offer on Angiography Surgery in India for Patients from Zambia

Overview: Angiography Surgery Angiography is suggested to those patients who have blockages in arteries. This surgical procedure is considered as minor surgery. Angiography Surgery in India is very affordable as compared to other countries. This surgery is a kind of minimally invasive surgery; the procedure includes a needle that is inserted into the femoral artery… Read More »

High Quality World Class Patent Ductus Arteriosus Surgery by Best Pediatric Cardiac Specialists Dr Vijay Agarwal in India

Overview PDA is a heart issue that is as often noted in the initial couple of weeks or months after birth. It is characterized by the persistence of a normal fetal connection between the aorta and the pulmonary artery which allows oxygen-rich (red) blood that should go to the body to recirculate through the lungs.… Read More »

Artemis Hospital India: Quality Healthcare at Your Service at inexpensive cost

Artemis Hospital India – Overview If you are looking for high quality healthcare destination in India particularly in the north, then one name appears at the top. Yes you guessed it right, Artemis Hospital India comes at your service for a wide range of healthcare services, which is promised with high quality and greater affordability… Read More »

Heart Valve Repair in India : A Premier Healthcare Destination

Overview The heart valve repair in India is used to repair or replace the diseased heart valves. Blood flowing between different chambers of your heart must flow through a heart valve and blood flowing out of your heart into large arteries must flow through a heart valve. These valves open up enough so that the… Read More »

Transplant Surgeon Chennai Fortis Hospital offer high quality healthcare services to Global patients from African countries

When it comes to top surgeons and doctors dealing heart transplant and cardiac surgeries, there is no dearth of the same. We have Top Transplant Surgeon Chennai Fortis Hospital like Dr. K R Balakrishnan who are highly skilled and call global patients far and wide including the countries like Angola, Sudan, Mozambique, Chad, Malavi and… Read More »