What is the Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India?

By | May 25, 2016

Open Heart Surgery Overview

Every passing day you find loads of cardiac cases, which are resolved with different surgical and non-surgical solutions. At times the surgeons need an open heart surgery wherein they cut the chest area to have the accessibility of the heart. These procedures help in fixing the heart conditions like mitral valve prolapse, atrial issues and other diseases found in the artery. India in the recent times has progressed a lot in healthcare services, which certainly include the cardiac surgeries. One of the key features of considering India is the cost of open heart surgery, which is extremely low as compared to the developed nations. However, that doesn’t really hamper the quality of the cardiac services that often remains high. Now, let’s check the details of the Affordable Cost Open Heart Surgery in India in the following paragraphs:

Open Heart Surgery Procedure

Before you check the Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India, it would be useful to known the procedure for the same. The patient going for the surgery gets general anesthesia first, which ensures that the patients get a pain free experience as he remains asleep. Then you find the surgeons making 8-10 inch incisions over the chest followed by the surgeon making a couple of cuts over the breastbone in order to expose the heart. Once the heart is seen, the patient is seen getting connected to the heart lung bypass machine, which helps the blood to move the blood within the body. The advanced procedures avoid using the machine. The surgeon is then seen using a healthy artery or vein in order to make new path over the blocked artery. The surgeon is then seen closing the breastbone with a wire leaving the wire inside the body. The original cut is then seen getting stitched up. This is how the Affordable cost Open Heart Surgery in India is carried out.

What is the Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India?

When one talks about having Affordable cost Open Heart Surgery in India, there is no set parallel found in Asia for the global patients looking out for a healthcare solution option abroad. The huge cost difference in comparison to the nations like the US and the UK and several other Asian nations found in India is USP for the global patients. In fact, if you compare the cost difference goes to 70 to 80 percent, which include even the travel and stay cost in India. And talking about the quality of these healthcare services, it can be easily equated with the ones found in the western nations. If you take for example of the Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India is 7500, while the same procedure can cost in UK to around 90,000 US Dollars while the same surgery can be carried out in UK at the cost of 55,000 USD.

Why Choose India for Open Heart Surgery cost in India?

Cardiac care in India has a special feature for the global patients since past few years. Indiahas become synonymous with the developed nations like the US or UK in terms of health infrastructure. These hospitals and medical units are armed with the latest innovations in terms of medical electronics with unmatched expertise in leading cardiologists and heart surgeons. These cardiac surgeons are known to cater comprehensive kind of cardiac care spanning from basic facilities in offering Affordable Cost Open Heart Surgery in India. The surgeons and doctors dealing with these high end heart care services are highly competitive in terms of experience and expertise. All these features simply render the global patients enough reasons to go for the same.

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