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ICD Implantation: Introduction

The implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) is a device used to treat dangerously fast heart rates that occur in the lower chambers of the heart. An ICD system resembles a pacemaker. The device is implanted under the skin and attached to one or more leads, which are placed in or on the heart muscle. The ICD detects arrhythmias and delivers electrical therapy as necessary. When not needed, the ICD only monitors the heart without releasing any electrical energy.

An ICD detects both Bradyarrhythmia (slow heart rates) and tachyarrhythmia (fast heart rates), and supplies electrical therapy to treat these rhythm disorders and restore the normal rate of the heart.

ICD implant procedure is often prescribed for patients who have experienced at least one episode of ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation, previous heart attack, or drug therapy that failed in controlling the tachyarrhythmia or caused severe side effects. ICD is not an experimental technique and there are hundreds of thousands of people who now enjoy more normal and active lifestyles because of the implant. The first step in preparing for ICD implantation is to gather all information and understand what will occur.

What to Expect Before ICD Implantation?

You will not be able to eat or drink for a short time before the operation, since anesthesia will be administered to you. ICDs are implanted just under the skin in the upper chest after the part is shaved (if needed), scrubbed, and painted with a disinfectant to cleanse it. Send us your inquiry to know more about Low Cost ICD Implantation India.

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What to expect during ICD Implantation?

The ICD implant surgery is generally performed in an operating room or electrophysiology laboratory. The patient will be strapped in place for safety with arms secured at the sides. The chest is then cleaned and drapes are placed over the implant area. You will be administered one or more shots of numbing medicine in the chest area. The doctor may touch the area and ask if you are feeling any sensation. The type of implant surgery depends on the factors, including prior surgeries and type of device. Get in touch with us to know more about the Low Cost ICD Implantation Surgery in India.

What to expect after ICD Implantation?

After the procedure the patient may feel drowsy and experience some tenderness and soreness at the implant site. He/she is kept in the intensive-care unit or telemetry unit for a few days to monitor the heart rhythm. A day after the surgery, the patient may probably walk around. Before you leave the hospital, the physician may again test the implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) system. The device may also be programmed to meet your specific needs. This is done with a programmer and a programming wand, by holding it over the implanted ICD, the ICD can be adjusted after it’s in your body. It is also used during patient follow-up visits. Contact us to get Free Consultation ICD Implantation Surgery in India.


When you return home, give your body and mind as much rest as you can. Do not move with jerks with your arms, or stretching too hard or reaching over your head. Physical activity may be resumed once the incision has healed. It may be beneficial for patients to begin taking short walks or to engage in another form of mild activity to get into shape. Physicians will tell you which activities can be resumed and when. Follow the doctor’s guidelines to the T and give yourself the time to heal, which is generally completed in 12 weeks.


The ICD stores important information about how the heart is interacting with the implanted system, that only a physician can retrieve. The information helps the physician know about the working condition of the device.

Resuming Physical Activity

After the implant, physical activity can be increased with time. Sexual activity should not prompt the ICD to deliver therapy but if it does, alert the physician, so he or she can consider reprogramming the device.

Follow Your Physician’s Instructions

Remember to always to take your medications as directed and to follow your physician’s instructions about what to do if you receive a shock. Place the physician’s contact number in a prominent place with other important information, such as medications and other emergency phone numbers of medical personnel.

Complications & Risks

Learn as much as you can from your doctor about the implant, the surgery and its post effects. Also learn about the device. An ICD implant poses almost the same complications as with any surgery. A meagre fraction of ICD patients develops a complication associated with the implant surgery. It may be infection, drug side, blood loss, or damage to a blood vessel, the heart wall, or an organ.

ICD Implant Cost in India

The ICD implant cost in India is quite affordable compared to that offered in the West. The cardiac surgeons and doctors in India perform the ICD Implantation procedure in India by providing proper patient care. You should read ICD Implantation Surgery in India Reviews to know the details about the cost of implantable cardioverter-defibrillator in india. Find the ICD surgery cost in India with India Cardiac Surgery Site. Contact us to check the price of implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (icd) in India. Our website provides the cost of ICD in Indian Hospital.

  • Does it hurt during the therapy?
    • For some it may be painful, for others mild, and a few won’t even notice it. The extent of therapy will be of different degrees and so not all therapies feel the same. Any discomfort associated with shock therapy lasts for only a short time.


  • o What does my family need to know about Affordable ICD Implantation Surgery in India
    • Work out an emergency plan for your near and dear ones and also colleagues. People staying around you should learn CPR. If you should pass out, CPR should be administered as someone calls for emergency help.


  • How long does an ICD last?
    • ICDs can last anywhere between 2 years to 10 years or more, an average about five years. Device longevity depends upon how hard the battery inside the ICD has to work. This is affected by the patient’s need of bradycardia pacing and special features of ICD activated. It is also affected by therapy you receive and the amount of energy needed to bring about normal heart rhythm. The life of ICDs continues to increase with decreasing size, making them more comfortable.


  • Can ICD recipients partake in physical activities?
    • ICD recipients can continue to lead active lives. The implant rather increases the stamina to perform physical activities. If there is any special activity you would like to participate in, discuss it with your physician prior to the procedure.


  • Can people hear and feel the ICD?
    • After the implant, the patient will probably be aware of it for sometime. It is normal and will alleviate with time. ICD also does not make sounds.


  • Do ICDs place any limitations on my sex life?
    • Other than a brief stay in the hospital, followed by quick recovery, the implant generally doesn’t have any adverse effect on a person’s intimate life.


  • Are there any dietary limitation?
    • For overall heart health, a diet low in fat and sugar, and high in fiber is recommended


  • Can ICDs set off airport security and interfere with aviation navigation equipment?
    • ICD recipients can travel without restrictions. Yet metal detectors used in airports, and anti-theft systems at stores create electromagnetic fields that can interfere with the ICD. Pass through the archway at a normal pace and avoid lingering in the area. If the alarm goes off, simply show security personnel the ICD identification card.


  • What is an ICD identification card?
    • The card lets everyone know that you have a pulse generator. You will get a temporary card, sent by the ICD manufacturer. It contains information on the type of ICD you have and other important information.


  • Why should a patient choose India Cardiac Surgery Site Network for cardiac care?
    • India Cardiac Surgery Site Network provides a vast number of high quality cardiac services. The cardiac team includes board-certified cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, specially trained nurses, and registered technologists. The cardiac team at uses the most advanced technologies available to perform Low Cost ICD Implantation in India


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