Why Heart Valve Repair patients are more in common found in Australia, Canada and New Zealand?

By | February 19, 2016

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In the age of cut throat competition, the stress in our day to day life has increased. The dysfunctional family issues and several other social ailments have hampered the health of human being the most. Heart problems are one of them, which is being affected the most to the people. Unfortunately, the people from developed nations like Australia, Canada and New Zealand are affected the most from the heart ailments. One of the common heart issues come in the form of heart valve, which usually need surgical procedure to repair or replacement surgery. Let’s dig in deep into this issue as under:

What is Heart Valve Repair?

The human heart is like a pump, which is made up muscle tissues. The heart has four different pumping chambers – two upper chambers known as atria and two at the bottom called ventricles. In order to keeps the blood flowing in the forward direction via the heart there are valves found in between each of the heart pumping chambers. The heart valve repair deals in fixing the diseased or damaged valve that fail to work as they should. The conditions that could cause the heart valve dysfunction including stenosis stiffness and the leaky valve.

Why patients from Australia, Canada and New Zealand need heart valve repair surgery?

There are many reasons why patients from Australia, Canada and New Zealand need heart valve repair surgery india. In case if you have the following symptoms it simply means you have heart valve damaged that requires the surgery:

  • Chest painDifficulty in Breathing
  • Palpitations
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Edema

There could be other reasons, which can demand you to opt for the heart valve surgery.

Heart Valve Repair Surgery

  • The cardiac surgeon can help in repairing the heart with the following ways:
  • By simply adding a tissue in order to patch the holes, tears or to boost the support at the very base of the valve
  • Helps in removing or reshaping the tissues, which helps in closing the valves tight

Helps in separating the fused valve flaps

At times the surgeon helps in repairing heart valves employing cardiac catheterization. Though the catheter procedure falls under minimally invasive option, these may not work for the other patients. You can work with your doctor in order to decide whether the repair is proper. If so, your doctor can help in advising you on any best surgical option.

Heart Transplant in India affordable-2The heart valve, which is unable to open fully can be easily repaired seeking the minimally invasive repair procedure known as balloon valvuloplasty also known as balloon valvotomy. During this procedure, the surgeon is seen adding up the balloon over its tip that is threaded via blood vessels in any damaged valve over your heart. The balloon is then inflated with the help of widening up the valve. Balloon valvuloplasty simply helps in relieving a number of symptoms due to the heart valve diseases, but may not cure the same. The condition can be seen worsening with the time, you would still require medicines in order to treat the symptoms or the surgery in order to repair the damaged valves.

Recovery after Heart Valve Repair

With this procedure of Balloon Valvuloplasty, you can end up getting shorter kind of recovery time along with the surgery. This procedure may perfectly work even when you have conditions like mitral valve stenosis. For such people, this procedure is usually preferred over the traditional surgical option for the heart valve repair. The same procedure can be carried out among the kids and infants to fix their heart valves right.


The heart valve repair can be carried out in various ways, however, the modern ones can be done with less invasive options. The patients from developed nations like Australia, New Zealand and Canada are lucky enough to get affordable options for heart valve repair in countries like India wherein they get high quality services at affordable cost.

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