Why Heart Transplant Surgery patients are more in common found in Australia and Philippines?

By | March 11, 2016

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Heart Transplant Surgery is one of the most common and very complicated surgeries. The surgery is one of the major surgery procedures in medical field and needs expert training as well as extensive experienced to perform the surgery. Heart is the most important organ of the body, roughly if we can summarize in one word, then heart is a pump which is used to pump blood in the whole body to perform the needed functions effectively. But now a day due to many medical factors and huge change in the life-style of an individual is hindering heart in order to complete its basic functionality of pumping the blood. There are other treatment options available like medications, but if the patient does not get cure with other treatment methods, then heart transplant surgery is suggested in case of heart failure.

Heart Transplant Surgery Procedure

In this surgery, the procedure is performed to transplant a healthy heart of the organ donor with a diseased heart of the patient. This surgery is majorly performed with the patients those are diagnosed with the problem of heart failure. There are 3 techniques to perform heart transplant surgery, which involves:

  • bicaval technique
  • biatrial technique
  • heterotopic technique (rarely used)

The major factor which is considered during heart transplant surgery is the donor ischemic time. This is the time which is explained as the time from aortic cross-clamping in the donor to release of the aortic cross-clamping in the recipient. The best considered ischemic time of heart transplant from donor to recipient is 4 hours. This surgery is performed by the time of surgeons including cardiologists and organ transplant experts in order to avoid the complications.

Why Heart Transplant Surgery patients are more in common found in Australia and Philippines?

Heart transplant surgery is one of the most common types of surgery performed in all over the world. But in India, the heart transplant surgery patients are more in common found in Australia and Philippines. There are many reasons, which include the ever changing life-style pattern of the individuals living in Australia and Philippines. The way of their eating habit is among one of the major reason behind the problems related to heart, which needs heart transplant surgery for the treatment of the heart disorder. There are other more heart related disorders like arrhythmic and other more common cases of heart valve repair surgery are commonly found, this is also the reason that heart Transplant Surgery patients are Heart Transplant Surgery-1more in common found in Australia and Philippines.

Heart Transplant Surgery – Best Places to know!

There are many cities and even countries which you can select for your heart transplant surgery. But among those countries India has secured the top position. This is not just the coincidence; there are many factors which helps India to secure the top position in spite of heavy competition. These factors can help you to know the best places for heart transplant surgery. The factors that makes India is best place for heart transplant surgery are:

  • Hospitals with State-of-art Infrastructure
  • Latest Medical Equipments
  • Experienced Medical Practitioners and Cardiologists
  • Very Cost-effective Treatment Package
  • Best in class pre, during and post-operative services

Why to choose Indian Hospital for your Heart Transplant Surgery?

India is among the best medical destination for various surgeries, one of those surgical procedures is heart transplant surgery. India has the best hospitals with state-of-art infrastructure, which is equipped with the best medical equipments and furnished with the latest medical devices for diagnosis and treatment. Along with these is huge panel of expert medical practitioners are available in India which ranges from general medical practitioners to expert cardiologists and organ transplant surgeons to perform simple to complex heart transplant surgery. This is just the beginning the most important factor is the cost, India is offering the best and possible low cost surgery, which is nearly 70% less than the cost of surgery, which is charged in western counties and other countries in Asia. All these factors make you to choose Indian hospital for your heart transplant surgery.

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