Cardiac Surgery Medical Value Travelers from Malawi to India

In the past few years, medical science has progressed in leaps and bounds, making even the most complex cardiac surgeries much safer while minimizing the risks. Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) are the number one cause of death globally; more people die annually from CVDs than from any other cause. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated 17.7 million people died from CVDs in 2015, representing 31 percent of all global deaths, a number that is expected to grow to more than 23.6 million by 2030.

Also referred to as heart surgery, Cardiac surgery involves surgeries performed on the heart to rehabilitate life-threatening conditions. The surgery can be either open-heart surgery or minimally invasive surgery depending on the situation and the condition of the patient.

Some of the cardiac issues are:

  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Enlarged Heart (Cardiomegaly)
  • Heart Attack
  • Irregular Heart Rhythm
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Congenital Heart Disease
  • Pericarditis
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

The medical practitioner who specializes in such surgeries is called the Cardiothoracic surgeon. A cardiothoracic surgeon is a medical doctor who specializes in surgical procedures of the Heart, Lungs, Esophagus, and other organs in the chest. This includes surgeons who can be called Cardiac surgeons, Cardiovascular surgeons, General Thoracic surgeons, and Congenital heart surgeons.

Types of Cardiac surgeries:

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)
  • Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization
  • Heart Valve Repair or Replacement
  • Arrythmia Treatment
  • Heart Transplant
  • Open-heart Surgery
  • Off-pump Heart Surgery
  • Open Heart Surgery

Special Services to our Malawi Patients

Special and individualized care – We ensure fast and efficient services, which include immediate diagnostic and treatment procedures with no waiting lists. There is 24/7 staff for full patient support services, who are well trained to handle the most complex situations. Depending on the urgency, there are special consultations for scans, clinical investigations organized for Malawian medical tourists. Even if you are not insured, we ascertain that you are equally benefitted; and we don’t need any doctor’s referral to cater to you. We attend each and every Malawian with supreme care and patience.

Special packages – One thing that comes into consideration and is obviously very crucial while choosing a treatment destination, is the cost factor. We understand this and ensure that our patients are happy and supremely satisfied with the pricing of the treatments and procedures, they are looking for. We specially offer very cost effective packages for medical tourists from Malawi; customize the packages keeping in mind that patients are coming from all sections of the society.

Free second opinion – When it comes to illness and related procedures, certainly there can be some doubts in your mind; regarding the proficiency of the doctor or about the clinical investigation. So that you have no doubts regarding these factors and have full trust in us, we can arrange for free second opinion in our empanelled hospitals. This will surely help in clearing your dilemma and cement the trust in our relationship further.

Language Assistance – It is very important that the medical personnel are capable of handling this language issue, as health issues need to be communicated accurately and in a very detailed manner. So, we look after this issue by arranging expert translators/interpreters so that the requirements of our Malawian friends reach the doctor properly and vice versa.

Quick visa assistance – We make the visa process absolutely uncomplicated and hassle free. Our 24/7 visa assistance is at your disposal to look after all your queries and needs related to visa. We make it as simple as possible so that there is no time wastage, keeping in mind your health issues and the associated urgency.

Logistics Support – We are with you right from the moment you arrive at the airport. Our staff is there to receive the medical tourists at the airport, ensure that the guesthouse/hotel is perfect for the travelers. Further, we monitor your admission formalities and keep a detailed track your treatment process at the hospital – either in person or over phone – as and when required. Also, we provide regular medical updates about you to the sponsor of the treatment such as, the insurance agency, charity organization, your employer, etc.

Special food – Every health issue, its treatment and the suggested procedure comes along with its own dietary schedule and restrictions. We make sure that the food issues and such restrictions are well taken care of, ensuring your good health. We have special tie-ups with local food chains; customized diet plans are proffered keeping in mind speedy recovery and for better outcomes for the Malawian patients.

Follow up services – After any treatment/procedure, the most important phase is the follow up. Without this, the procedure is considered incomplete and can lead to a relapse. Follow up is important both for the patient as well as the doctor/surgeon. We ensure that there are no obstacles or interruptions in this phase and organize follow up services even after the patient is back in his own country, after his successful treatment in India.

Clinical camps – In order to create awareness about various health issues as well as to provide free and easily accessible services, clinical camps are organized in Malawi. There are doctors and assistant staff available in such camps to guide Malawians regarding many health issues and associated precautions.

Cardiac surgery: India a Boon for all

If you or your loved one has been advised a cardiac surgery, there are many crucial factors that you are bound to consider – highly trained surgeons, latest technology, and supreme patient care along with the right kind of infrastructure. This makes India a hot spot for open heart surgery patients from Malawi. Cardiac surgeons in India are trained at the nationally and internationally accredited institutes and have years of experience in treating patients successfully from all over the world. Their expertise, know-how coupled with team approach and well-researched knowledge, enables them to deliver the best. Indian Medical Association (IMA) says that in India, there are over 500 hospitals catering to open heart surgeries with over 100, 000 surgeries being performed yearly.

Furthermore, the Cardiological Society of India (CSI) empathizes that hospitals in India have the most advanced equipment that can aid in accurate diagnosis and comprehensive care of the patient during their surgeries in India. The Cardiac surgeries performed in India are: Angioplasty, CABG, heart transplants, reparative surgery for Congenital heart defects, Pacemaker Implantation and Pediatric heart surgery and much more. Cardiac surgeons and hospitals in India are thus well-positioned to accommodate the Cardiac needs of patients from all over the world. Not only this, compared to many other leading countries, India offers an array of Cardiac treatments, at affordable prices. Thus, for the global patients coming from Malawi, India indeed proves to be a boon.

Not enough Cardiac expertise in Malawi

The Medical Association of Malawi says that Malawi needs to work a lot on its Cardiac surgery arena and also to elevate the services provided for the same. Despite the fact that basic healthcare facilities are guaranteed in the constitution of Malawi, the ground reality is a sad picture. According to the latest WHO data, about one-third of Malawian adults have hypertension resulting in CVDs. Due to ignorance, insufficient infrastructure, refusal of practitioners to accept postings in the rural areas and lack of funds, Malawi faces biting shortage of medical staff. The best practitioners have emigrated and the remainder medical staff does not have sufficient medical facilities and qualifications to even provide the basic healthcare needs for the ailing population of the country.

According to the Human Resources for Health survey, in 2009, there were 206 practicing surgeons in Malawi, which is far from the projected requirement of 522 surgeons; additionally, it was estimated that 820 surgeons would be required by 2015. So it’s obvious that many Cardiac patients cannot access and afford the treatment and die waiting for a miracle to happen. So we can imagine how tricky it is for complex treatments such as cardiac surgeries. It is learnt that there are only a few facilities in Malawi that have the capacity to do Cardiac surgeries. Due to the country’s serious economic challenges, Malawi has fallen behind many other countries when it comes to heart surgeries. Thus, patients are forced to seek cardiac surgeries in other countries.

Cardiac surgery patients from Malawi to India

With more than 500 cardiology hospitals in India that conduct the most progressive types of cardiac surgeries, India is in a leading the way. Isn’t it a reason enough to choose India over many other countries? Patients from Malawi are bound to travel abroad for medical treatments for years now. Many travel to their neighboring African countries such as South Africa, Mozambique, etc.; some travel to countries as far away as India, Singapore, Dubai, etc.

The Cardiac surgery needs in Malawi has overshot its capacity and there is a lot of backlog. That’s the reason India has received several thousand medical tourists from Malawi since 2010. The lower cost of healthcare in India compared to USA, UK and South Africa is the main facet that attracts Malawians to look at India with lot of hope for survival and recovery. The International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) reveals that heart surgery costs over US$ 43,000 in UK, US$ 70,000-130,000 in USA and about US$ 15,000 in South Africa; but just about US$ 7,000 in India.

The growing burden of cardiac issues is a matter of serious concern but it is not given the attention it deserves. It is specifically happening in Malawi. The Cardiac surgeries remain one of the top four procedures for which globally located patients travel to India. One can estimate about 10 percent patients visit India for cardiac surgeries. The Medical Tourism Market Report reveals that the number of medical tourists coming to the country for medical purposes was 200,000 in 2016.

India is continuously taking the market share away from South Africa and other countries, for medical value travel due to low price tag. For every 10 patients visiting India for medical value travel, one would undoubtedly be for cardiac reasons. Hence, the Cardiac surgeons in India, hospitals, and medical value travel companies are working aggressively at capturing the share of medical value travel business from South Africa and other major countries. Cost is the key driver, but usage of latest medical technology, growing compliance on international quality standards, brand name and the expertise of the surgeons are the other key components.

With poverty and the fast mushrooming population being some of the major drawbacks of Malawi, the patients obviously are looking for pocket-friendly medical packages. That’s where India comes to their rescue. Although the treatments offered are low cost but the quality of service you get is world-class and the waiting time is almost nil. No wonder, several hundred thousands of Malawians are flocking to India looking for better healthcare options. Cardiac surgeons in India, the hospitals and medical value travel providers should team up with the Ministry of Health and Child care in Malawi to raise the number of Malawians visiting India for healthcare reasons, especially for Cardiac procedures.

About Indian Hospitals

India offers some of the best medical treatments in the world. The private hospitals in India have excellent reputation and our healthcare sector has sustained enormous boom in recent years. Despite the prejudices about healthcare in developing countries, rest assured that the cardiac surgery hospitals in India are at the forefront of medical technology and are well equipped with the modern state of the art technology and highly qualified and experienced cardiac surgeons. Indian doctors are considered the best in the world with the high level of surgical expertise that evolves from many years of training.

Hygiene in private hospitals in India is excellent and the Malawi patients seeking cardiac surgery are screened for HIV and Hbs Ag antibodies to prevent the transmission of communicable diseases and incidence of MRSA is minimal. The operation theatres have laminar air flow installed and gaining the ISO9001 standardisation, a voluntary standardisation run b a nongovernmental body where the hospitals must pass rigorous tests to be certified is increasingly becoming popular in the hospitals and the clinics.

Medical Visa Information for Patients from Malawi to India

One would need a medical visa if he/she is travelling to India for his/her treatment. The availability, criteria and eligibility of getting a medical visa matters. Hence we provide all the information about the medical visa lest it becomes tricky or confusing.

The High Commission of India, Lilongwe in Malawi, the primary considerations to grant a medical visa includes the serious ailments such as congenital disorders, cardiac problems, neurosurgery, joint replacements, plastic surgery, renal disorders, organ transplantation, ophthalmic disorders, and radiotherapy and gene therapy. The list of treatments is non-exhaustive.

  • The sole purpose of travel should be undergoing medical treatment in India.
  • The applicant should seek medical treatments at reputed/specialized/recognized hospitals in India.
  • Two medical attendants are allowed to travel with the patient which could be his/her family members, associated or relatives.

Documents required for submission of Visa Application to India for Malawian nationals

  • Filled-in and signed visa application form
  • Two recent colour photographs
  • Letter of invitation from an approved Hospital /Doctor in India
  • Medical documents establishing the need for taking medical treatment in India
  • Proof of availability of sufficient funds for stay in India including the expenses for medical treatment by producing documents such as Bank statement, Salary certificate, sponsorship letter etc.

A Medical/Medical Attendant visa is normally issued within 3 working days, inclusive of the day on which application is made.

Visa Invitation Letter

When you are applying for a medical visa, a visa invitation letter is required. A visa invitation letter is a formal document that is sent to the patient from the Indian hospital that sanctions his/her medical treatment in that hospital in India.

This also serves the purpose of a proof that the patient has indeed contacted with Indian hospital and will be having his or her treatment there. The visa invitation letter consists of the patient details, details of his/her ailment, treatment procedure and duration of the treatment involved. Hence it is an important and mandatory document required during the application and for the sanction of a medical visa to the patient.

Embassy Information

Commercial Section/Commercial Representative
Mr. Anil Kumar
Second Secretary (Commerce, Consular & Political)
Telephone No: +265 1751043, +265 1750014
Mobile No : +265 994 965 965, +265 994 963963
E-mail : com.malawi@mea.gov.in

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Area 9
Postal Address
P.O Box 1482
Tele: +265-(0) 1-759 337
Fax: +265-(0) 1-755 346
E-mail : receptionist@hcililongwe.in
Tele: +265-(0) 1-751 041/1751-043
Fax: +265-(0) 1-755 346
E-mail : adm.malawi@mea.gov.in
Consular section
Tele:+265-(0) 1-755 337
Fax: +265-(0) 1-755 346
E-mail : cons.malawi@mea.gov.in


Do I Need A Yellow Fever Vaccine for India?

If you are coming to India from a country where yellow fever is present you are required to show proof of immunization. The patients travelling from Malawi to India for getting their medical treatment should enclose a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate that becomes valid only 10 days after the inoculation.

Flight & Travel from Malawi to India

You can book the flight tickets for travel from Malawi (Lilongwe) to India (New Delhi) through various flights. Air India Flight is India’s first international airline providing luxurious air services to the international passengers at economical costs and discounted fares. It offers efficient service and good value for money.

The following are few flight travel details from Malawi to India

  • Lilongwe, Malawi (LLW) to New Delhi, India (DEL)
  • Blantyre, MI (BLZ) to Mumbai, IN (BOM)
  • Lilongwe, MI (LLW) to Chennai, IN (MAA)
  • Blantyre, MI (BLZ) to Bangalore, IN (BLR)

Common Flights to Malawi to India

Air India Emirates Airlines Ethiopian Airlines FlyDubai Jet Airways Kenya Airways ProFlight Qatar Airways South African Airways

  Other Common Procedure for Which Malawi Patients Come to India are

  • Plastic Surgery India
  • Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery India
  • Robotic Surgery India
  • Heart Transplant India
  • Joint Replacement Surgery India
  • Eye Surgery India
  • Lung Transplant India