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Fontan Operation Overview

Fontan operation in India is an operation undertaken on children, who have abnormal hearts and they cannot get it repaired with two pumping chambers. In this operation the veins bring back the blood from the body directly into the arteries of the lungs.  Fontan operation in India reviews of patients indicates that after the operation, the heart is used as a single ventricle that ejects the blood with oxygen in the body.

Who is a good candidate for Fortan’s Operation?

The following are the prime candidates for Fontan operation.

  • Children who are born with abnormal hearts that cannot be repaired with two pumping chambers
  • Sometimes it is observed that the children are completely missing a ventricle and have what is known as the single ventricle. Often there are two ventricles, but one of them is too small to be useful.

Types of Fontan’s Operation

The types of Fontan operation are as follows

  • Atrio pulmonary connection- during this operation, there is an expansion of the cavity, which was then connected to the artrio pulmonary artery.
  • The extra cardiac conduit- During this operation, the superior vena cava is connected to the right lung artery, and the vein, which comes from the lower part of the body is connected to an artificial tube
  • Fenestration or no fensestration- Fenestration as the term suggests establishes a communication channel carrying the blue blood to the lungs and the heart. Free consultation Fsontan operation in India reveals that it improves the exercise capacity.

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Hello, my name is Tracy Cooper from Liberia. Within few hours of my son’s birth, the doctor diagnosed his heart condition.  He told us that Max needs to undergo Fontan Procedure and I didn’t wanted surgical treatment for my baby at our native place. A friend of mine, suggested to search online for a quality medical treatment. While browsing, we went through your website and after reading few patient testimonials, contacted them. They helped us with the entire process and also arranged the medical visas. We came to India, we are truly mesmerized by the care my child received at the hospital. The surgeon was highly professional and a compassionate person. The nurses were very caring and friendly. The procedure went well. I am thankful to everyone for their care, love and support showcased during Max’s treatment in India.

Approaches for Fontan’s Procedure:

After the Fontan procedure, the blood without oxygen comes back from the body directly into the lungs. This is without any sort of push from the heart and there are two driving forces, allowing this flow into the lungs.

The first one is increased pressure in the veins and the second driving force is breathing. As and when you breathe, the size inside of the chest is increased and during the same time, the blood is sucked into the legs. When you breathe out, the opposite thing occurs. For the operation to do well, it is very important to have good lung arteries.

What to expect after Fontan’s Procedure?

After the operation it is suggested that you undertake regular amount of physical activity. Studies indicate that small form of cardio exercises like walking or running is bound to improve the exercise capacity in Fontan patients.

Why choose an Indian Hospital for Fontan Operation?

Affordable Fontan operation in India is offered by the elite class of hospitals in the country. Since it is a critical form of surgery, the expertise of the surgeon holds lot of significance on the successful outcome of the surgery. Most of them have top notch surgeons and a mere flip of their track record will reveal the fact that they have been part of successful surgeries.

Cost of Fontan Operation in India

When one considers Low cost Fontan Operation in India, it is not the treatment expense which is involved. The cost of lodging along with the travel expenses has a huge influence on the total cost of surgery. Most of the hospitals in India have embedded all these treatment facilities which help you make considerable savings.

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