Why IndiaCardiacSurgerySite

Why Cardiac Surgery In India:

India Cardiac Surgery Site is a network of cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, and hospitals of India. We take care of heart health needs of both children and adults.  We are a leader in the field of cardiac surgeries in India. Our website provides you the latest information about the various cardiac surgeries available in India.

Our hospitals have advanced equipment that can aid in accurate diagnosis and comprehensive care of the patient during their surgeries in India. Our patient care is empathetic. We will strive to minimize patient discomfort and maximize patient satisfaction when they are dealing with India Cardiac Surgery Site.

At India Cardiac Surgery Site, you came to the right place for taking care of your heart care needs.  With the best surgeons, advanced equipment in our hospitals and empathetic patient care, we are well positioned to offer our international patients breadth of services:

Empathetic Patient Care
  • We empathize with our patients and are available for them 24/7
  • Hospitals use the advanced equipment and are renowned for cardiac surgeries in the world
  • Cardiac surgeons are on top of the research in cardiology and surgeries
  • Consultation with Doctors are available by telephone or video conferences
  • Skype conferencing with Doctor to consult about the most appropriate course of action
  • We offer language translation services and interpretation of complex medical “jargon”
Value Added Services
  • Arrange medical visa for patient and family
  • Complete travel arrangements taken care of
  • Stay arrangement for patient and the family
  • We will help you explore “Incredible India” if your Doctor okays it.
Empathy extends to Patient’s Family
  • Family back home will be provided details of patient’s progress through the treatment if patient requests
  • Second opinions available upon request by patient’s family
  • All payment options cash\credit card\wire
  • We will keep track of Doctor’s orders for you in terms of dietary or other restrictions. Meals arranged for family too.
  • If family wants to accompany patient at the hospital, we can arrange that.
  • We will also worry about the myriad details of your stay in India, from currency exchange to registration as required by Government of India, so you do not have to.
  • As per Doctor’s recommendation, your recuperative needs will be catered to.

If there is anything else that you would require, please ask us and we will be glad to take care of it. Contact Here

Medical Value Travel

Today, there are a number of reasons why people choose health care options across border:

  • Advanced surgical procedures to take care of various heart health issues may not be available where the patient lives. In India such treatments are available.
  • For advanced cardiac surgeries, patients had to opt for US; but now the quality of care available in India is at par or may even exceed the international standards.
  • Cardiac surgeries available in India are very highly affordable even after factoring the cost of travel and stay in India
  • If recommended by their doctor, patients can also explore “Incredible India” during their visit for their surgery.

We offer the complete range of cardiac surgeries: for both adults and children. It is hardly surprising that patients from all over the world now look at India as their destination to visit for their cardiac surgeries. India Cardiac Surgery Site because of its empathetic patient care is at the top of patient’s mind when they are considering India for their cardiac surgery. Contact Us