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What is Congenital Tricuspid Atresia?

Tricuspid Atresia in India is a heart defect which is present at the time of birth in which one of the valves between the upper and lower chamber is not formed. Instead of it there is solid tissue between the chambers. Surgical Procedures for Tricuspid Atresia in India indicates that multiple surgeries may be needed and most that have surgery will extend into adulthood.


Signs & Symptoms of Tricuspid Atresia:

Surgical Procedures for Congenital Tricuspid Atresia in India Reviews indicate the following forms of symptoms

  • Blue tinge to the eyes and the lips
  • Getting tired easily
  • Poor weight gain or slow growth

Surgical Procedures for Tricuspid Atresia in India Reviews indicate that the baby may sometimes reveal heart failure symptoms like sudden weight gain from fluid retention or swelling of the abdomen.

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Hi, my name is Marim Akiloye from Nigeria. My son, Austin, 9 year old was born with congenital tricuspid atresia and since the hospitals in our native country weren’t as equipped to perform the surgery. We started browsing for surgical procedure abroad. As luck would have it, we came across your website and after contacting them decided to travel India for his surgery. We travelled to India and on reaching the hospital, we received a warm welcome by their staff. I am thankful to the hospital staff, surgeons and the nurses and a big thank you for the medical tourism consultants for their energy, love and care we received during the entire journery in India.

Diagnosis of Tricuspid Atresia:

Due to advances in ultrasound technology, it is possible that before the baby is born, this deformity can be recognized. During Free Consultation Surgical Procedures for Tricuspid Atresia in India the doctors usually recognize this syndrome. The blue color of the skin or the murmur of the heart is the common indicators of this deformity. As part of Free Consultation Surgical Procedures for Congenital Tricuspid Atresia in India the doctor may ask you to perform various tests in the form of echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, and chest x ray or Cardiac Catheterization

Treatments of Tricuspid Atresia

Treatment involves surgery that restores sufficient amount of blood flow into the heart along with the lungs that allows the baby to receive oxygen rich blood. Often it may require more than one surgery and medications may be required before surgery as well.

What Results to Expect with Tricuspid Atresia Treatments?

Affordable Surgical Procedures for Tricuspid Atresia in India ensures that the baby will need regular follow up with a cardiologist to monitor the condition of the heart. The cardiologist will inform you on whether you need to take any form of medications before any surgery. In most cases than not the cardiologist may limit rigorous form of physical activity.

Adult and Adolescent Management

If the baby is born with this deformity, it is quite obvious that a considerable amount of time will be spending at the doctor’s office caring for the baby. Here are some tips which can aid the quick recovery of the patient

  • Strive out for good amount of nutrition
  • Preventive antibiotics
  • Regular follow up with the cardiologist
  • Keep your child active
Why choose an Indian Hospital for Surgical Procedure to Treat Tricuspid Atresia?

Congenital Tricuspid Atresia in India is undertaken by almost all the major hospitals in India. A mere search on any search engine with the terms Low Cost Surgical Procedures for Congenital Tricuspid Atresia in India or Affordbale Surgical Procedures for Congenital Tricuspid Atresia in India will spring up the names of Indian hospitals. Most of them are internationally certified and have conferred to the international standards and specifications that are set up by the WHO.

Cost of Surgical Procedures for Tricuspid Atresia in India

Low cost Surgical Procedures for Tricuspid Atresia in India is one of the main reasons on why medical tourism has evolved at a rampant pace. A testimony to this fact is the number of medical tourists is increasing year after year.

  • What is Tricuspid Atresia?
    • The word “atresia” means “no opening.” In tricuspid atresia, the valve is missing between the upper-right chamber (the right atrium) and the lower-right chamber (the right ventricle). Normally, the tricuspid valve allows blood to pass from the right atrium to the right ventricle. The right ventricle, then pumps blood into the lungs to pick up oxygen before it flows back into the left side of the heart. But with tricuspid atresia, blood cannot reach the lungs or the left side of the heart. Defects that often occur with tricuspid atresia include:
      • Atrial septal defect (ASD)
      • Ventricular septal defect (VSD)
      • Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)


    • How is it treated?
      • The goal of treatment is to improve blood flow to the lungs by making the blood flow route as normal as possible. Because the type of surgery used to correct the defect may vary, the child’s surgeon will advise the best method.


  • How do I make an appointment with the best cardiologist in India?
    • All you have to do is send us your medical report and be rest assured. We will choose the best suitable surgeon for you, after consulting the experts.


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