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Miss. Pauline Wanjiku – Kenya
Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery

Miss Pauline Wanjiku is from Kenya and has been suffering from a certain discomfort in her chest since quite some time now. She tried to get it all right by using the general home remedies without diagnosing what exactly her issue was. Fatigue and chest discomfort became her daily routine problems and still she had no solution for long. She tried to get herself treated in Kenya but realized that different doctors were giving different solutions and that too never helped her in comforting herself. It in fact was leading to major disappointments along with the waste of time and deterioration of her health. She was also giving hefty consultation fee without getting any benefit out of it.

One day when she went to the hospital in Kenya, a patient over there recommended her to try getting her problem consulted in India. She gave her the idea of getting herself treated over there completely. The key reason at the beginning was cost effectiveness. The patient recommended her to connect with India Cardiac Surgery Site in India that will offer the best options for her.

She then reached out to Healthcare and they made all the necessary requirements and arrangements for her and recommended the best cardiologists to her. They were in complete touch with her throughout and being the prominent medical tourism company in India, they stood by their name by taking care of all the requirements that she would have until the time she is in India, post that she was going to return to Kenya.

She met the doctor and the doctor suggested certain physical examination that included electrocardiogram, cardiac MRI as well as stress tests in order to diagnose her problem post that the doctor advised her to have a aortic wall replacement surgery citing certain issues that may not be over through medication. Since it is a crucial organ and it can lead to being the life threatening disease, it was important for her to get this procedure done. The doctor explained the entire procedure to her closely and gave her a certain amount of time to decide how she would like to go about it.

One of the best doctors in this field then operated her and after the surgery there were a few days before she was discharged. Post the surgery she was given good complete care and had also been informed about how she can take care of herself in future very clearly so that this problem does not re-occur again. The entire staff of Healthcare was in constant touch with the hospital as well as the patient so that every situation was managed and tackled in a flawless manner. She went back healthy and hearty.


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