Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in India


What is Pediatric Cardiac Surgery?

Cardiac surgery in children is performed to repair the congenital heart defects, the heart defects a child is born with and the heart diseases a child gets after birth which needs the surgery. A pediatric cardiac surgery in India is required for the child’s wellbeing.

There are many kinds of heart defects some are minor while others are more serious. These defects can occur inside the heart or in the large blood vessels outside the heart. Some heart defects need surgery right after the baby is born while for others the child may be able to safely wait for months or years to have surgery. Sometimes a series of procedures in needed instead of a single surgery as it may not be enough to repair the heart defect.

Three different techniques to fix the congenital defects of the heart in children includes the following:

Open heart surgery involves a surgeon using a heart-lung bypass machine. An incision is made through the sternum or breastbone while the child is under anesthesia hence he/she is asleep and pain free. The tubes are used to re-route the blood through a special pump or a heart-lung bypass machine that adds oxygen to the blood and keep it warm and moving through the rest of the body whilst the surgeon repairs the heart. Using this machine allows the heart to be stopped which makes it possible to repair the heart muscle itself, the heart valves or the blood vessels outside the heart. After completion of the repair, the heart is started again while the machine is removed. The breastbone and the skin incision are then closed.

In case of some heart defect repairs, the incision is made on the side of the chest, between the ribs and this is called a thoracotomy. Sometimes it is also called as a closed heart surgery which is done using special instruments and a camera.

Another way to fix the defects in the heart is inserting small tubes into an artery in the leg and passing them up to the heart. However, only some heart defects can be repaired this way. Contact us to request a free consultation with the best pediatric cardiac surgeons in India for affordable cost pediatric cardiac surgery in India.

Why Pediatric Cardiac Surgery is Performed?

Few heart defects require to be repaired soon after the birth while for others it is better to wait months or years. While certain heart defects may not need to be repaired.

The general symptoms indicating pediatric cardiac surgery in India includes the following:

  • Difficulty breathing as the lungs are congested, wet or filled with fluid (heart failure)
  • Blue or gray skin, nails beds (cyanosis) and lips which indicate that there is not enough oxygen in the blood or hypoxia
  • Poor feeding or sleeping, lack of growth and development of the child
  • Problems with heart rate or arrhythmias (heart rhythm)

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Pediatric Heart Surgeons in India

Pediatric heart surgeons in India are heart surgeons having special training, knowledge and experience in diagnosing, treating and managing the heart diseases and conditions in children. A pediatric cardiac surgeon treats the complex congenital (existing at birth) heart defects in newborns and acquired heart problems in children, adolescents and adults. The pediatric cardiac surgeons have special skills required to provide the best possible care to the children due to their small size. The congenital heart defects are quite different from the types of heart diseases which are common among the adults. An added challenge to this is repairing the heart in small bodies. So, the best pediatric heart surgeons in India have the special skills to provide the safest care for the youngest and smallest patients needing heart surgery. Contact us by sending us your query to request cost of pediatric heart surgery in India.


Pediatric heart surgeons are medical doctors who completed minimum 4 years of medical school, 5 years of general surgical residency, 2-3 years of cardiothoracic residency including 6 months training in pediatric heart surgery, and an additional 2-4 year of training in pediatric cardiac surgery. Often after the training, the pediatric heart surgeons spend the first 1 to 2 years serving on the staff of a major pediatric heart center. Additionally, they gain the substantial experience by devoting a large part of their practice in caring for children.

The pediatric heart surgeons generally provide surgery for:Best Hospitals for Pediatric Heart Surgery in India

  • Repairing injury to the heart
  • Correcting the conditions such as holes between the chambers of the heart, valve problems and abnormal blood vessels
  • Heart, lung and heart/lung transplants
  • Correcting other congenital and acquired heart defects

Generally pediatric cardiac surgeons practice either in children’s hospitals or in larger medical centers with special facilities and equipments offering the heart care for both adults and children. The staff includes other pediatric specialists and a pediatric cardiologist or heart specialist or pediatrician may recommend a heart surgeon who cares for children. Children aren’t just small adults they cannot be always patient and cooperative during a medical exam, or say what is bothering them or answer the medical questions. A team of highly trained specialists take care of all the needs of the infants and children who require a heart surgery. The pediatric cardiac surgeons provide a system of care which embraces the special needs of infants, children and teens as well as their families for diagnosing heart conditions, treating children with heart problems and planning for sound management before and after the surgery.

The team of pediatric heart surgeons consists of specialists in the fields of neonatology, cardiology, cardiac anesthesia, intensive care, nursing, social work and respiratory therapy. These teams are trained extensively to provide the best medical care for your child before, during and after surgery. The top pediatric cardiologists in India will have a detailed discussion about the choices and possible outcomes to help your child. You may rest assured that they offer the right options so that you choose the best treatment for your child. Send us your query to know the pediatric cardiac surgery cost in India.

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