International Patient Videos
Mr. Isiaka Taiwo
Cardiac Treatment in India

Hello, I am Isiaka Taiwo from Nigeria. It gives me great pleasure to share my experience of coming to India for Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment from all the way from Nigeria. The decision of traveling to India for Cardiovascular Diseases Treatment as the hospital services were top notch including a low cost treatment. I remember the constant chest pains, dizziness, breathlessness any other symptoms before the treatment and hence to eliminate these discomfort, I consulted my family doctor and he immediately confirmed that I am suffering from cardiovascular disease and therefore introduced me to better surgery option of treatment in India for cardiovascular disease. was the result of my search on Internet and as I contacted them, the members were very welcoming and polite and assured safe and hassle free medical travel to India. The executive explained me options given by their best empanelled surgeon to undergo my cardiovascular diseases treatment in India. Things were organized by the team offering very affordable price, which were far less than that of other countries that I compared. The day of my surgery was here and it went smoothly without any complications and hurdles under the supervision of highly educated and experienced surgeons. Hospital was fully fledged with good hygienic environment, surgeons and hospital staff was very friendly and made me comfortable in every way possible. With two days hospital stay I got utmost care and best nursing. In Four weeks I came to my normal routine and I feel healthy more than ever. All I can say is my stay in India was very great and I will recommend anyone who is looking for best and effective treatment for cardiovascular diseases treatment in India. I would also express my thanks and heartily feelings to executives, May god bless them all.