International Patient Videos
Mr. Raymond 

Heart Pacemaker Surgery
For His Mother

Hello, myself Mrs. Raymond a resident of Nigeria. My mom was suffering through various heart problems but it could be treated in our native place as medical fraternity over there is so up-to-mark. She was facing irregular heartbeats, medications were not much of any help in controlling the situations and so doctor gave us suggestion for a surgery. Heart Pacemaker Surgery, where an electronic device will support heart to beat rhythmically. The required surgery was not available in Nigeria at good standard and so our doctor recommended a cost effective heart pacemaker surgery for my mother in India through indiacardaicsurgerysite, which is premium medical tourism company offering best healthcare packages.

Everything was well organized by the team, as we reached India we got our consultation fixed with one of the best cardiac surgeons India. Team representatives were extremely caring, giving utmost services with good standards. As soon as we finalized surgery date, pre examinations and other checkups were followed for my mom. Surgery was minimal invasive, so it took very less time and hence her recovery time was also very rapid. With skilled and well trained medical staff everything followed superbly and I didn’t have to worry about anything. More over we just had to pay half the amount in India including our other expenses, compared to that in higher nations. The team of India cardiac surgery site was great at their work giving wonderful facilities in top notch hospitals and surely I recommend people around the world to travel India for their medical treatments and enjoy magnificent company of