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Olaolu from Nigeria
Cardiac Bypass Surgery

I would like to share my father’s Heart Bypass Surgery experience in India. We were here in Delhi to get best treatment to eliminate heart problems which my father was suffering since past few years. There were no proper treatments or surgery of any advance procedure available to get rid of cardiac problem in Nigeria and so I decided to search for alternatives. My friend told me about India cardiac surgery which is one of the leading medical tourism companies in India working with the experience of over a decade. Without wasting any more time, I contacted the consultants and the fast track process of team gave me proper suggestions according to my father’s surgery need.

I travelled with my father, following well scheduled medical visit for Cardiac Bypass Surgery in India with other vital services provided by India Cardiac Surgery Site. The facilities provided were wonderful with premium quality and after he had his surgery, he got a new lease of life. He was relieved by all sorts of cardiac problems he was suffering earlier and considers this truly a miracle. We are really glad with decision of traveling far to India with catering exemplary cardiac bypass surgery at low cost for my father and the surgery outcome is extremely satisfying. We are thankful to the entire team of India cardiac surgery site for their assistance in this medical trip. I will positively recommend for their cardiac treatment plan.