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Mr. Chika from Nigeria 

Chest Pain Treatment in India

Last month, I had my chest pain treatment in India. With support of, who made a splendid plan of treatment to help me with my serious chest pain. Prior to the treatment in India I was admitted to a nearby cardiac clinic because of serious chest pain back in Nigeria, yet I was not getting good results and later was requested to refer some other specialist. Hence, I began to look on Internet for different treatment options for my chest pain and ran over the site of where I filled their enquiry for my treatment consultation in India. From there on, I got a quick response from their associate. The trip was well planned and every necessary arrangements was already been made.

I reached India for my chest pain treatment where I consulted my heart specialist, and soon everything was crystal clear, the doubts were clear. The specialists clarified me that Chest pain may be an indication of various heart conditions and so as to confirm the exact reason the assigned specialist again directed a few tests, and checkups, it revealed that I was then diagnosed with minor arrhythmia issue. The specialist said that my heart was pumping too vigorously so he recommended me different solutions to ease off my heart beat pace. During my treatment I was in the hospital for a week, medical caretakers took care of everything and every minute detail was considered even the specialist used to routinely visit me and check my advancement. The specialist said that since I was advancing really great with the medicines so surgery was then not obliged and this fulfilled me truly. The hospital was very well maintained with good infrastructure and JCI accredited. Medical staff was skilled and trained even English language was the barrier. I am thankful to for helping me with my chest pain treatment in India at such an affordable cost. It would be my pleasure to recommend India and specially because their job is really commendable and hats off for all the great work they are doing.