International Patient Videos
Ms. Pauline Wanjiku from Kenya
Cardiac Surgery in India

Ms. Pauline Wanjiku, from Kenya was suffering from severe cardiac disease causing breathlessness, headaches and other difficulties. She says local doctors in Kenya were not so confident giving modal quality of treatment and surgery required treating Pauline’s condition and so she planned to visit India. “While searching on internet, was one of the medical tourism consultants giving instant answers to my queries. The team gave me optimal option for my surgery. I landed India with scheduled treatment plan in Nagpur’s best hospital for cardiac surgery.”

She adds “The services offered by the hospital team and medical tourism company were excellent. The hospital premise was hygienic and comfortable and on top of it surgeons and medical staff were coordinating and very friendly. Customized services are offered with utmost nursing care at nominal prices. I am very grateful to the medical tourism team for correct guidance making my journey luxurious and comfortable. I will definitely recommend treatment in India to anyone looking for a budget friendly surgery with high standards of hospitality and treatment provided. I am completely gratified by them giving back gift of life.”